Adorable Adeniums

A book by Dr. Anant Raman

Adorable Adeniums: The Book

Adorable Adeniums, the book, is a Free PDF Download.

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The author: Dr. Anant Raman

Instrument engineer by profession.
Yoga specialist by choice.
Humorist by God's grace.
Sunday painter, photographer, terrace gardener and freelance writer among countless other things that keep me thankful for being alive at this wonderful time, on this divine earth.

Thanks to Mr. Jalandar Reddy

Adenium grower with a lovely farm about fifty kilometers from Chennai where he can be seen in the company of more than a hundred thousand Adeniums in different stages of cultivation, grafting and care.

Has been very generous in sharing his knowledge and bringing down the market price of several varieties and cultivars of Adeniums for the past fourteen years and his admirers keep growing day by day.